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Image of Pokemon X & Y - New Pokemon Images Leaked!

CoroCoro magazine has just released its newest issue and with it comes pieces of news that every Pokemon fan anxiously waits for; new pokemon. For those who don?t know, CoroCoro is a Japanese magazine that has become renowned as the go to place for the newest Pokemon news each month.

Below are just some of the pages from the recently released periodical.

There are plenty of new Pokemon displayed in these screenshots that will create a storm of discussion amongst the Pokemon fanatics in future weeks. The most noticeable and highlighted image is clearly of the new evolution of Eevee (a.k.a. Eevee-lution). The newest member of the Eevee family is named Ninfia. Although no specific details were released yet, one could argue that Ninfia looks like a Normal type evolution.

Specific information on the Pokemon will likely be revealed later this week in the newest episode of Pokemon Smash. No matter what we learn about the newly shown creatures, it?s clear that world of gaming is about to be hit with another week of heavy Pokemon discussion.

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