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Image of RaiderZ - Open Beta Begins

After popular review from the closed beta, RaiderZ has finally moved to the next phase of testing. Perfect World Entertainment followed through with their September announcement that RaiderZ would go into Open Beta today. Fans can now head over to to join the action where their characters will hunt together, or suffer the fate of dying alone.

RaiderZ senior producer Mark Hill confirmed the announcement this morning adding, ?Today, we'd like to thank fans who've followed the development of the game and welcome everyone to join the RaiderZ Open Beta [?] This is just the first part of our commitment to provide a great experience for years to come."

RaiderZ has been loosely compared to games like Monster Hunter while incorporating a fast paced and real time combat system. The game presents a wonderfully flexible class system while boasting tons of action packed battles and brilliantly stunning environments. There will be endless ways for players to experience this game and work toward the memorably engaging boss encounters it has to offer. If players expect to prosper in battles against some of the deadliest creatures in Rendel, they will have to rely on more than just their own will to succeed. The free-to-play action packed game is certainly a must play for anyone looking for their next great MMORPG experience.

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