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Image of Serenia Fantasy ? The classic adventure begins!

There was a time when classic Japanese RPGs were in a league of their own. They reigned supreme in their genre, leaving gamers of their generation spellbound with both their audacity and ingenuity, in game design and plot. This was much more than cheap, forgettable entertainment; it was a phenomenon that swept the globe. Fast forward to the present day and we find an industry saturated with attempts to reproduce the long-lost greatness of that era. Of course, we?re not claiming we?ll achieve this feat, all we?re doing at Koramgame is offering you a little gem of old school gaming.

Serenia Fantasy is a game that breaks away from many of the browser based RPGs on the market, offering something refreshingly different. Thanks in part to its retro style and colorful backdrop; Serenia Fantasy is a role player game that offers simple, exciting and entertaining game play. Taking inspiration from the classic adventure role player games of the 1990?s, Serenia Fantasy has been designed to give players a fun nostalgic gaming experience and transport you back to gaming?s golden age. serenia fantasy gameplay image At Koramgame we?ve made a conscious and bold decision to buck the trend with Serenia Fantasy and create something a little different. Many people have found that the current crop of role player games have been almost indistinguishable from one another and have failed to capture the imagination of many of the gamers out there. Serenia Fantasy breaks the mold by placing the player in the midst of the intriguing fantasy land of Kane Kingdom, a land of adventure, a place where you can escape the mundane and the ordinary, and travel back to a simpler time of pure gaming.

With Serenia Fantasy you can become a legend of Kane Kingdom and help to restore peace and harmony as you travel the land in search of adventure. And because Serenia Fantasy is packed full of customizable options, pets and mounts, you have the freedom to undertake your adventure the way you want. Your adventure begins here? serenia fantasy gameplay image Serenia Fantasy from Koramgame is coming soon!

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