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Image of The War Z - Closed Beta Zombie Biting Begins!

Halloween is a time of celebration, trick-or-treating, and lots and lots of zombies. What better time could there be for Hammerpoint Interactive to expand the first open-world zombie survival MMO?

On October 15th, The War Z began its alpha phase. Only two weeks later and fans are now receiving some of the best Halloween action they could ask for. The War Z moved into its closed beta phase today, giving unrestricted access to any players who purchased at least a survivor pack.

Best of all is that Hammerpoint Interactive is introducing new content to the game throughout the beta. Even the most hardcore of zombie fans following this game won?t know what to expect. Developers promised to bring a multitude of additions including new characters, zombies, playable areas, and even special Halloween themed items. The updates are effectively doubling the games map size and capabilities.

This is huge step for a zombie game that has been competing with anticipated released like Day Z and State of Decay. DayZ was promising to bring an alpha version by year?s end, but it may be losing out with Hammerpoint Interactive rushing there groundbreaking idea to the public.

When asked in a recent interview about the games fast transition to the public, Executive Producer Sergey Titov responded, "We've been working non-stop to tweak and balance the game to where we feel comfortable beginning to bring more players in [?] We are now at that point, but this is where the real work begins. We want to work with our players to build and add additional features, remove those that they don't like and continue to evolve The War Z to be the best zombie survival-sim available."

The War Z will provide zombie fans with exactly what they have been waiting for: a post-apocolyptic world ravaged by zombies that lurk in every corner. Players are truly given the zombie experience as they must acquire food and weapons using not only skill but intellect. Most importantly, this game is an MMO and thus presents a world full of other players trying to survive. Other players who may not be as willing to help each other as you may be. Be careful!

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