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Image of Velvet Sundown Closed Beta Begins

Finnish development team Tribe Studios today announced the immediate launch of the closed beta event for the eagerly anticipated "dramagame" Velvet Sundown. While testers will have an opportunity to sample this unique take on the MMO early they will also be asked to provide a variety of valuable feedback to help shape this social experiment type MMO.

Although it's a closed beta event players are currently able to sign up and join the game right now. Velvet Sundown sees players aboard a luxury yacht on a high-seas adventure. 11 different characters are available to play, each with their own carefully crafted personality and background story. There are dozens of different combinations of story-lines available, each depending on the players ability to negotiate their way through the interactive chat function. 

The developers have also stated
that the full launch of Velvet Sundown will be accompanied by ground-break text-to-speech technology, never before seen in the free MMO genre.

Players can let their imagination run free in order to convince others to follow their suggestions - via the text-to-speech feature all text entries will be converted to spoken word in real-time; making the game experience incredibly immersive. While a multi-player session may only take about 45 minutes, thanks to the Dramagame engine, there are millions of possible story variations, offering unimaginable re-playability.  

Source: Press Release

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