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Unless you?ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the tragic events that transpired in Newtown, Connecticut this weekend. I won?t go into detail for purposes of this article, but if you are magically unaware, here is the heartbreaking story.

Since the event there has been an extreme increase in talks about gun control in America. One of the other topics most brought up is about the violence in video games, since the shooter Adam Lanza was said to have played games like Call of Duty and Starcraft. Since releasing this information many parents have spoken out about the affects of violent video games on young minds, while even congress is warning people to just be aware of the maturity ratings of the games they purchase during this holiday season.

Senator Jay Rockefeller is trying to pass a bill that does comprehensive research on the affects of violent video games on younger individuals. Of course there is going to be support for such an endeavor too. The passing of this bill could ultimately fuel, or even kill the argument in question.

What do gamers think about all of this though? I don?t think there are many young individuals who overlook this shooting. Regardless, are they now condemned from playing their favorite FPS? Can they no longer use that form of entertainment that helps them cope with something they otherwise wouldn?t want to keep thinking about? I want to hear the opinions of true gamers.

Do you think violent video games have an impact on the way people act in real life? At the very least, are they capable of driving individuals to such heinous actions?

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