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Image of Wildstar - New Trailers, 2013 Release

Video game publisher NC SOFT is known for releasing widely successful MMORPGs such as City of Heroes and Guild Wars. After staying quiet since the release of Guild Wars 2, NC SOFT has finally unveiled their next big announcement by releasing trailers for their new sci-fi MMO, Wildstar.

The graphics may not be on par with previous NC SOFT creations like Guild Wars 2 but the trailer certainly does a good job setting up the interesting aspects of the game?s storyline. It makes you want to hear more about the game, which is what a trailer should do. Players can already begin signing up for the beta on the Wildstar website, although there is no clear date when it will begin.

The biggest announcement throughout all of this is that Wildstar promises to launch sometime in 2013. If you are a science fiction enthusiast looking for your next space adventure, or just someone looking for a solid MMO to play this year, Wildstar is starting to look like more than just a safe bet. Like most MMORPGs, there will be a number of classes for players to choose from. What makes Wildstar unique is allowing for players to also choose from four paths; including Soldier, Scientist, Explorer, and Settler. Two of the trailers NC SOFT released showcase path choices. Check the Soldier and Explorer below.

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