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Image of World Of Warplanes Release Date Announced

Wargaming today announced the official release date for the next addition to their World War II MMO arsenal, World of Warplanes. The team have enjoyed hugely successful closed and open beta periods as over 3 million players have registered interest and almost 200 million combat flights have been recorded.

World of Warplanes will enter its official launch phase across all CIS countries on September 25th before becoming available in America and Europe on September 27th.

?In the two months since the launch of Open Beta, we?ve made a huge amount of progress,? said Oleg Gotynyan, development director of World of Warplanes. ?We are extremely thankful for the feedback and data our testers provided to us through both Closed and Open Beta. They contributed a great deal to the process of helping scale the game, and we expect it to offer a deep and polished experience to both MMO fans and flight combat enthusiasts alike.?

For more information on World of Warplanes, including current planes and achievements, you can visit the official website.

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