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Image of World Of Warplanes Release Delayed

The official World of Warplanes website has been updated with a new post detailing the postponing of the games official release date. announced that the game will now release on November 13th, but current players will get to keep the experience points they've earned during the beta so far.

"We are committed to releasing a great title and are doing everything to ensure that World of Warplanes gets the final polish we believe the game needs,? said Vlad Belozerov, World of Warplanes' Director of Global Operations. ?The extra time will allow the development team to fine-tune the game balance and make sure that every feature is top-notch before launch.?

The developers didn't really offer any serious insight as to why the game was delayed but they did state that they wanted to deliver the best experience possible at launch. The previous launch date was scheduled for late September so it's not a huge delay but a delay nonetheless.

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