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What's up Attackers, Today is Monday January 13th and welcome to your daily MMO news.  Today's episode is brought to you by Angry Anton's Already Absorbed Apples.  We take a bite, to make sure it's right.  On today's episode we have the defunct MMO Jumpgate's reconstruction initiative, a State of Decay MMO and arcane chronicles closed beta.  The Daily XP starts now.

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Today on the Daily XP:
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative Needs You To Play | 0:27
State of Decay MMO Coming Soon to PC and Xbox One? | 0:59
Nexon Europe Announces Arcane Chronicles Closed Beta Dates | 1:13

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NetDevil's presumed drifting in the void MMO Jumpgate is still twitching thanks to a band of dedicated community members behind 'Jumpgate: The reconstruction Initiative'  The studio met its end when it began laying off employees, which left the game in limbo.  However the Jumpgate TRI team is determined for it to live on in some form or another.  The game is inspired by the single player space sims of the 80s and 90s and is available via the game client on their website.  Let's help the community keep Jumpgate alive by checking it out.

We've talked at length about a variety of MMOs that are coming to next-gen consoles, and we can add another to that list.  Undead Labs has signed a multi-year, multi-game agreement with Microsoft studios that is looking like it will bring the single player zombie apocalypse game State of Decay, to the Xbox One and PC as an MMO.  State of Decay had originally planned to have a co-op game mode, but shifted to focus more on the core gameplay.  The studio has planned an MMO with a codename Class4 that incorporates everything they've learned from the initial game, which will likely be an Xbox One exclusive / PC title, like the original State of Decay.

Today Nexon Europe has announced that the closed beta access for its latest free to play, browser based MMORPG, Arcane Chronicles will begin on January 16th.  Arcane Chronicles will introduce a richly detailed world of medieval fantasy with multi-user PvE and PvP content, 300 different enemy types, three skill trees for each of the three playable characters, along with 30 field maps and 10 dungeons.  A slew of events will accompany the closed beta, along with exclusive rewards like titles, pets and in-game currency.  No word yet on if the closed beta will be available in North America, but we'll keep you updated.

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