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What's up Attackers, welcome to your daily MMO news for Wednesday January 15th.  Today's show is brought to you by Coffee Mate single dose-creamers, because screw coffee!  (take a sip)  On today's episode we talk about the new SMITE God, a new class in Black Gold Online and the Doctor Who MMO shutting down.  The Daily XP starts now.

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Today on the Daily XP:
SMITE Introduces New God, Geb, God of the Earth | 0:26
Snail Game Shows Off New Enchanter Class in Black Gold Online | 0:56
Doctor Who MMO Gets Canceled After Rough Year | 1:23

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The new God Geb was introduced in SMITE.  Geb is from the Egyptian Pantheon and is nicknamed the God of the Earth.   Geb is a tank, whose goal is to soak up damage for your team, while always causing nasty damage and stunning opponents around him.  In addition to Geb the Arena Mode was updated to include a two map rotation, and new skins were released for Hel and Ah Muzen Cab.  Today's SMITE patch, well actually pretty much every SMITE patch, includes a ton of other general bug fixes and updates, and those of you who get off on that stuff can visit the article linked below for more details.

Snail Games introduced a new class for their upcoming steampunk fantasy MMORPG Black Gold Online.  Spellswords the Dexterous Enchanter lives out the ambitious dreaming of both wielding devastating sorcery and exceptional swordplay.  This enchanter class is actually a melee DPS / agility tank who uses a one handed sword, a shield and quick casting spells.  He or She is more agile than the standard mage and better suited for spell-weaving than a traditional warrior.  Think Diablo III Demon Hunter, with a sword.

Finally the Doctor Who MMO has run out of regenerations.  The free to play Doctor Who MMO is closing down, and if you're surprised by this news, it's probably because you didn't know such a game existed.  Doctor Who: Worlds in Time was first announced in February 2011 and launched in March 2012 only to cease operations this February 28th.  Microtransactions have already been suspended and .. yeah .. not much else to say about that.

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