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What's up Attackers, Today is Friday January 24th and welcome to your daily MMO news exclusively from  Today we have EverQuest Next Landmark's system specs revealed, a preview for the 7th Legion DLC in Defiance and the final open house event for The Mighty Quest.  The Daily XP starts now.

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Today on the Daily XP:
EverQuest Next Landmark System Specs Announced | 0:28
Trion Worlds Releases New Information on Defiance's 7th Legion DLC | 1:02
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Begins Final Open House | 1:31

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As the alpha testing for EverQuest next Landmark draws near, Sony Online Entertainment have published an early set of system specs to give users the time to upgrade their machines before the event begins.  EverQuest Next has quickly become one of the most anticipated MMO titles, so it's important to have your rig ready to go.  The Minimum System Requirements are asking for the windows 64 bit operating system, an Intel i5 Dual Core or higher and 4GB of memory.  The full specs can be found on our website.

Earlier this month Trion Worlds announced the 7th Legion DLC for Defiance, and today's preview of the expansion sheds more light on what to expect with next month's launch.  The most exciting additions include joining Yoshida Hiro's 7th Legion as they march for the Bay Area, and a recruitment kit that includes an outfit, gear and a new title.  New weapons will also be introduced, but unfortunately a much needed new location has not been included.

The final open house for Ubisoft's Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has begun and will conclude on Monday January 27th.  The final open house will give all players complete access to the entire Mighty Quest world, include the final character, The Mage.  This will also mark the last chance to become a founder, which gives you access to many bonuses included in the game.  Check it out at the mighty

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