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What's up Attackers?  Welcome to Wednesday February 26th, Kirk here with your daily MMO News, exclusively from MMO  Today's episode is brought to you by Loot Crate, the epic geek and gamer gear box, delivered monthly.  Use the code Febloot to get $3 off your first order.  Smile proudly. On today's show we've got breaking news in Asheron's Call, A Mighty Open Beta and a new DayZ dev blog. Your daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Turbine Calls on Players and Fans to Help Asheron's Call | 0:33
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Enters Open Beta | 1:20
DayZ Devblog Highlights Weather, Bows, Arrows, and More | 1:54

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The future of Asheron's call is in the hands of you, the players as Turbine has announced that the game will be entering a 'maintenance mode' that will see the last remaining members of the team working solely on bug fixed, balance problems and technical support.  Oh, well that sounds great, Kirk, why are you saying the future is in our hands.  Yes, it's great that they are still offering a little support on the game, but they will be no longer offering any content updates.  And that my friends, is where you can come in.  Turbine is exploring the idea of player owned servers, with the abilities for the players to add their own new features, and to expand on current content.  I'm thinking this is something along the lines of Project 1999 with EverQuest, where a group of fans can continue the legacy of the game.  Will it happen?  The choice is yours!

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot finally enters its open beta phase.  Closed beta events have been going on for months now, with open houses and the likes, so I'm assuming anyone who has wanted to play the game, has had at least some time to do that.  But nevertheless, today marks the first opportunity for unlimited access, without level and time restrictions that were in place in previous events.  The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an interested game where players design their own castle that others will try to complete for mighty loot, no, epic quest, no .. oh whatever.  You try to conquer your buddies castle, enough said.

We told you yesterday that Dean Rocket Hall, the creator of the DayZ mod, would be leaving Bohemia Interactive and the DayZ Standalone later this year.  Well, that still means he's got a few months on the job to make the standalone awesome as fuck.  The latest Devblog shows a ton of new features, and points out what the team is working on.  The coolest thing that I recall from the 17 minute long video is the hunting and bow and arrow features.  They are aiming to make hunting more viable, with being able to collect meat and actually survive while in the forrests, and also make the use of bows more realistic, with flight graphics, arrows sticking out of your enemies once hit and more.  The video is long, yes, but worth it for any DayZ fans like myself.

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