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What's up Attackers, Today is Monday February 3rd .. hold on .. .. .. .. .. Today is February 3rd and welcome to your daily MMO news exclusively from   One sec .. I'm getting an e-mail.  Fucking chain.  On Today's episode we have Velvet Sundown, .. Jesus christ .. Black Desert Online and of course, some more info from SOE.  The Daily .. IS THIS A JOKE, stop hitting reply all, it's not that hard!  #replyallnightmare ..  #neverforget .. The Daily XP starts now.

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Today on the Daily XP:
Tribe Studios Announces Closed Beta For Velvet Sundown Dramagame | 0:36
Black Desert and Pearl Abyss Discuss Russian Localization | 1:15
John Smedley Tweets Photo of Spiritual Star Wars Galaxies Successor | 1:43

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A Finnish development team, Tribe Studios, today announced the immediate launch of the closed beta for their dramagame, Velvet Sundown.  Velvet Sundown sees players aboard a luxury yacht on a high seas adventure.  At launch, 11 characters are available to play, each with their own carefully crafted personality and background story.  Upon launch Velvet Sundown will be accompanied by ground-breaking, text-to-speech technology, which is likely never before seen in the free MMO genre.  OK, so what is a dramagame?  I'm imagining a version of The Bachelor, where all the ladies are stuck on a boat and have to fight over one man, but then the Captain is there swabbing the decks, if you know what I mean.  I'm winking.

A Black Desert fan site today posted an interview with the developers Pearl Abyss, shedding some light on the progress of the russian localization for their highly anticipated MMORPG.  The information in the article suggest they expect a publisher to be chosen at a later date, and that they expect a localized version will be released in Russia before both the EU and US.  So .. wait, i'm not sure what the point of this article is.  I guess i'll be moving on.

We've talked extensively about SOE in the past week or so.  From the shutting down of four titles, to EverQuest Next Landmark's Alpha and the Star Wars Galaxies mention in the AMA last week.  Well, John Smedley is adding a little fuel to the fire as he's posted a twitter photo of the so called spiritual successor to Star Wars Galaxies, and no, it has nothing to do with Star Wars, or space or anything along those lines.  The photo is of a church, I think, and other than that, not much else was posted.  Could we be seeing a modern take on some of the features that made SWG so popular at first?  Maybe.  But we will keep you updated on all the hot gossip here.

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