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Bottom Lane Synergies between your Support and AD Carry can help get your team off to a great start.  This week on League of Legends Bot lane Synergies we take a look at Draven and Fiddle.

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Heyoo summoners, TJ and Ashley here with Draven and Fiddles bot lane synergy.  Today we will be taking a look at this deadly duo bring fear into their enemy’s eyes.  Dravennnnn, this high damage ADC has a very limited mobility kit who uses his attack speed and movement speed steroid to move through battle dealing massive amounts of damage with his spinning axes.  Fiddlesticks the scarecrow of doom brings high amounts of damage and a 2.25 second fear at max ranks. At level 6 he is able to split a team in half with his ultimate causing mass chaos and allowing Draven to pick off split targets.  Together fiddle and Draven have very strong early game control, with fiddles fear and Draven’s axes they have high kill potential at level 2.  With proper positioning fiddle is able to use his dark wind to bounce back and forth on the enemy laner while Draven picks up the kills gaining bonus gold from  his adoration stacks snowballing him into late game.  Let's go ahead and take a look at a few examples of this charming but deadly duo.

Here we have Draven picking a fight with graves Leona as trundle is running away with fatal health, fiddle comes to assist his lane partner while Draven dodges Leona's zenith blade and runs into the bush to cast his ult. With Fiddles fear he is able to land his ult twice sending graves to his grave? And gaining bonus gold from his passive. 

Trundle and fiddle see Kat coming down to assist her team, fiddle positions himself to ult on top of her with Draven on his way, fiddle fears Kat allowing for Draven to pick up a kill. Graves comes by and launches his ultimate to hopefully kill fiddle, Draven blocks the ult and guess what happens next? HE LIVES!

Draven and fiddle are running towards trundle and Darius to assist them with the enemy team. Fiddle ults into the team fight causing them to scatter while Draven follows up onto the split Irelia and Katarina picking them off. Leaona casts solar flare stunning fiddle and brining Draven to low hp. she is quickly chunked down with 3 low hp allies graves buck shots Draven to pop his guardian angel, but fiddle then fears him allowing them to take down his guardian angel in return. Draven positions himself to dodge graves burst and picks up the kill ending them game.

With trundle on his way Draven positions himself to get caught by Leona, she instantly regrets her decision as trundle appears. fiddle then fears Leoana and silences as she tries to escape, she cast solar flare onto trundle but Draven is still able to take her down collecting bonus gold

Fiddle Positions himself to ult onto the opposing team causing them to split. Katarina zhonyas as Irelia comes to her aid. Katarina gets taken down as Irelia hunts down Draven. Leona ults onto trundle and Irelia switches targets. Trundle Flashes and leaves a pillar to distance himself from Irelia as Draven does massive damage to her saving his teammate.

What did you think of this deadly combo? Go ahead and leave us your thoughts in the comments below and tell us what bot lane combos you would like to see.  Also make sure to tune in next time where we go over Lucian and Karma bot lane, and feel free to submit to us your bot lane duo videos at our website  If you liked this video go ahead and give us a like share and or subscribe and we will see you next time on league of legends bot lane synergies! 

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