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Bottom Lane Synergies between your Support and AD Carry can help get your team off to a great start.  This week on League of Legends Bot lane Synergies we take a look at Karma and Lucian.

Ello summoners, Ashley and TJ here, and Welcome to League of Legends Bot Lane Synergies.  Ashley, why don't you tell them what Bot Lane Synergies is all about.  In this show we take two champions who we think go extremely well together and break down exactly why that is.  This week we have some footage we captured of karma and Lucian. BARLEY! What did you guys think of all the server problems this past week?  It definitely made our life harder, trying to collect footage for this week. RIOT PLS! Anyways. Lucian the purifier, is a poke heavy ADC who can remove slows with is dash and gain bonus movement speed from his W procs.  Karma, the enlightened one, is equipped with a high damage poke, and tons of utility for her team.  But .. you already knew that!  Lucian and Karma are able to poke down targets with their Q's giving them very strong early game control and zone potential.  Yeah talk about scary! What's even better is that Karma has the ability to disengage herself and Lucian AFTER unleashing their full combo.  I definitely can recall a bunch of times you saved me with that amazing shield. Bonus movement speed on an already fast ADC? That will make him run faster than Usain bolt!  Woah there lets slow down a bit and take a look at a few of these plays or runs! In action.

Here we have Karma and Lucian engaging onto fiddle sticks as Gragas arrives. Fiddle flashes to dodge gragy boys body slam, but Lucian flashes to secure the kill. They switch onto jinx but she flashes, We didn't want to mess with crazy lady anyway.

Lucian and karma are fleeing away to their tower as they see Xin Zhao arrive to gank. Lucian times a dash to bring Xin to his tower bringing him to low HP. Lux lands a double bind ult combo As Lucian and karma switch focus to twitch. Lucian uses the culling to bring them low and get the kill on Xin.

Here they see the trickster Leblanc coming for a gank. karma Q Tethers Leblanc forcing her to flee as Farvan arrives. as karma gets chained Lucian casts the culling while karma uses a mantra Q on their whole team devastating their LIVES. They switch onto thresh and get him to flash but as the chase continues thresh hooks onto the wight camp and escapes. NOT!

Karma and Lucian begin to head back to lane, while karma decides to fight as soon as the enemy arrives. Lucian sits back waiting for the right moment to enter While his friend soaks up most of the enemies spells. As Lucian fully engages he pokes down the enemy team while karma sits in the back speeding him up allowing him to stick to his targets. Lucian gets feared as karma goes in for the kill on jinx, but a crow and tower hit sends her back. She then casts a mantra q killing fiddle while Lucian sacrifices himself for jinx.

Here we see Lucian and Karma attempting to engage on the enemy jinx, Lee sin shows up for a surprise gank causing them to flee. As lee sin dashes in, karma and Lucian kite and poke them down turning the tide of the gank. Lee Sin Q's into karma but is hit face first with a ton of damage brining him down. Nidalee arrives to aid her team chasing them back to tower with a spear onto fiddle they able to focus down jinx and switch to the scarecrow.  Lucian culls fiddles sticks on tower but the fight isn't over yet. A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES, Syndra makes her way down botlane as karma and Lucian push to tower. When Syndra arrives she attempts to burst down Lucian but a quick barrier and karma shield will keep him alive. Nidalee comes back into the fight and DEAD.

Karma and Lucian push their way to mid tower poking vi down. They then turn onto the tower bringing it down. Vi begins to charge up vault breaker to what looks like an attempt to flee but she quickly turns around as her team arrives. They are able to bring vi down before they rest of her team comes but they are now surrounded karma runs off to the side poking him down while Lucian kites. They bring down kenen and Lucian pops barrier to continue fighting. Leblanc soon arrives bringing Lucian down to EXTREMLY LOW HP, shields speed ups and dashes are able to keep him alive just barely to take out Ezreal and Leblanc. unfortunately thresh arrives killing Lucian reuniting him with his wife. Jarvan then avenges his fallen ally ulting onto of thresh for Demacia ending in a 4 for 1 trade.

What did you think of this exotic bot lane ;) Go ahead and leave us your comments below regarding the video or even all that server lag.  And feel free to give us a like share and or subscribe and we will see you next week when we take a look at the wombo combo bot lane Ezreal Lux. Who needs a map when you have a walking flashlight named Lux Double rainbow? what does that mean?! Anyways we will see you next time summonses! 

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