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Who We Are

MMO Attack is one of the leading online portals about all things MMO and MMORPG games. The site is founded, developed and managed by a group of gaming professionals with several years experience in video-game journalism and by players like you, from all over the world. MMO Attack strives to deliver the most up to date and meaningful news, opinions and reviews of any and all free and pay to play MMORPGs. With a dedicated team at the helm we aim to bring the next generation of content to the gamers of today.

What We Do

We report on the news so you don't have to. We want to make our site a one stop shop to take care of your news, reviews, gameplays, forums and guides. We want to focus on the content so that you can trust what you're reading and look forward to coming back and seeing what's new. We will continue to improve not only the things we write about, but all the content we deliver.

Our Work

You can find our work all over the site. But, if you're looking for somewhere to start, here's a good spot.