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Hello MMO Attack fans and welcome to our Weekly Contest informational page.  Those of you who watch our Daily XP and Weekly Loot videos each and every week know that we give out prizes on Friday for watching.  Typically we have a $20 Steam Gift Card, but oftentimes we may have different prizes to give out.  In order to make the contest more transparent and to give fans who watch every episode a better chance to win, we've devised a new program to help you do just that.

Introducing Word of the Day!

We here at MMO Attack bring you Daily MMO News 5 days a week.  Monday through Thursday we have the Daily XP, and on Friday's the weekly wrap-up on the Weekly Loot.  During each episode we will present to you a new word that you will need to enter on the website while you're logged in to give yourself another entry into the weekly contest.  5 Videos during the week means 5 opportunities to enter into the contest for your chance to win the weekly prize.

How Do I Enter?

1. Watch the Daily XP and Weekly Loot during the week and listen for our Word of the Day.  
2. Come to and login to your account.  
3. Once logged in you will notice an area on the homepage or your profile page to enter in the daily code.  
4. Watch each episode and enter the 5 different codes for the week for 5 entries into our weekly contest.

How Do I Know If I Won?

Winners we be chosen by being randomly selected from the pool of entrants.  On our Friday episode of the Weekly Loot we will announce the winner and send an e-mail to the address that we have on file from when you signed up for your MMO Attack account.

Rules and Regulations

Your account can enter a maximum of 5 times a week using the daily codes we give out during the Daily XP and the Weekly Loot.  You can enter the codes at any time during the week, so if you watch all 5 videos in one day and enter the codes at once, that's perfectly fine.  Contestants may only have one account on file at MMO Attack, if we notice any suspicious activity we have all the rights to cancel your entries and delete your account(s).